Fitness flows from mastery, discipline and repetition. With years of experience as an advisor, trainer and investor in the beauty and fitness industries, Jeff has had a unique vantage point to press what fitness means to consumers across the world.



With a CPT license from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jeff has trained and advised a small number of public figures on their fitness and health objectives. A specialist in high intensity interval training (HIIT), he has been featured by brands ranging from Orlebar Brown to FourLaps, and shot with leading photographers Fadil Berisha, Manny Roman and James Farrell, among others.


Every Equinox

In July 2017, Jeff became the only member to work out at every Equinox gym in the world, finishing a journey spanning 148,213 miles from Vancouver to London. Since then, Jeff has been the first check-in at each new club opening from Boston to Plano, the Hamptons and San Francisco, maintaining that record across 106+ locations. In February 2020, he was featured in Furthermore magazine and on the digital displays of every Equinox gym, giving his top three picks (Huntington Beach, Austin and London!).

“I was the kid who once ran out of a 24 Hour Fitness when I realized I couldn’t lift a single weight. Fitness is about more than just facing down that fear; it’s about making that challenge something to look forward to every day.”