A classically trained pianist and violist, Jeff has also pursued a portfolio of creative work ranging from beauty and skincare formulation to jewelry design.



After years of working on other beauty and wellness brands, including multiple Sephora and Ulta staples, Jeff co-founded DIBS (Desert Island Beauty Status) to answer the question: “What’s the makeup you would take with you to a desert island?” DIBS was formulated to be accessible, blendable and effortless, with a spectrum of innovation and excitement that makes makeup fun again.


Miss Universe

Beauty pageants rank alongside the Olympics in many countries, and since 2002, Jeff has independently traveled the world training contenders for the Miss Universe, Miss World and other major international crowns. He advised the legendary Yue-Sai Kan, China’s most famous media personality, in overhauling the Miss China pageant. Jeff has prepared and consulted with winners from nearly 20 countries, spanning Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, covering everything from competition strategy to personal branding and interview preparations.



With a lifelong passion for gems and jewelry design, Jeff received his AJP from the GIA in 2017. He regularly renders concepts in gouache for new and reworked high jewelry pieces with leading brands, and is currently at work on a passion project in lost wax-cast silver, “The Fish and the Dragon.”





Prior to the pandemic, Jeff collaborated with Julian Bedel to breathe life into a new fragrance. Bedel, the founder of Argentina’s legendary fragrance house Fueguia 1833, worked with Jeff over the course of 2019 to create “Encadenados y Nómadas.” Fueguia is one of the world’s most elite perfumeries, working with scents and ingredients that are inaccessible to most other brands. Inspired by a poem from the brand’s muse Jorge Luis Borges, the bespoke fragrance marries tobacco, vanilla, cedar, cacao and neroli to capture the feeling of both chained and wandering.